Damp left unchecked turning into wet rot

Removal of dry rot in Leeds

Wet and Dry Rot

Wet Rot and Dry Rot are both forms of fungal decay that affect timber within buildings.

Wet Rot is the more common type of timber rot and is usually confined to the area where the timber has got wet and remains wet, the fungi that grows attacks the timber to feed on thus reducing the structural integrity. Typical causes of Wet Rot are leaking pipes, roofing problems, gutter leaks, or a long lasting rising damp issue.

Dry Rot usually occurs where timber has become wet and has then dried out to near normal levels of moisture, this can then spark the microscopic spores that the wood destroying fungi produces. These spores can travel across non wooden material via air currents and can then land on timber that can be a substantial distance away from the source of the Dry Rot thus causing the fungi to spread rapidly. Quick action is required to remove Dry Rot to prevent further spread of the fungi and also to prevent increased repair costs.

A1 Damp Proofing Solutions can conduct a full survey to determine exactly which type of rot is causing the problem. Wet Rot and Dry Rot are two different types of decay and require different procedures to remove them.

Wet Rot Removal Procedure

To ensure Wet Rot does not return the source of the water ingress must be fixed before any treatment is undertaken to remove the decay. Once the water ingress is fixed then all affected timber must be removed and replaced. A fungicidal treatment can then be applied to any remaining areas of timber that may have been subject to the microscopic fungi spores - this negates the possibility of any return of the Wet Rot.

Dry Rot Removal Procedure

Similar to the above procedure all sources of water ingress or moisture must be repaired before any work is undertaken to remove the Dry Rot. Because Dry Rot fungi spores can attach themselves to items other than just wood - e.g. plasterwork then all affected areas must be removed to prevent any further spread of the fungi. Once all affected materials have been removed all traces of the fungal growth that is accessible must be removed. Fungicidal treatment is applied to all remaining timber, masonry and any other materials nearby to prevent return of the Dry Rot. All affected timber is then replaced with new.


All Wet and Dry Rot damp work is covered by a 20 year guarantee which is issued to the owner of the property. If the original property owner moves then the guarantee can be passed to the new owners which gives peace of mind that the dry/wet rot work has been completed professionally, should any further dry/wet rot occur the property owners are fully protected by the 20 year Kingfisher Approved Installer Guarantee.