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Roof repair in York

Roof Repairs

The roof of your property is one of the most important parts of any building, not only does it protect the building and its occupants from rain, snow, sun, and wind it also helps to protect the fabric of the building it covers.

A1 Damp Proofing can locate and repair leaks, missing tiles, guttering problems, and undertake all other roof repairs. A leaking roof left un-repaired can lead to damp problems and damage to the property itself leading to costly repairs. Even something as simple as a broken or missing roof tile can cause leaks and damp within the property.

All our roof repairs are completed to the highest standard and at competitive rates, please contact us for more information and a free quote/estimate.

Pointing work in Thirsk

Pointing work in Thirsk

Pointing Work

The mortar that is used to construct a property can erode over time due to weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow. Re-pointing is the process of renewing the external facing mortar between each brick or stone that the building is constructed from.

If the mortar between the bricks erodes too far this can lead to water ingress which in turn can lead to damp and damage to the structure itself if left unrepaired.

To re-point a property, first we match the colour and texture of the new mortar to the existing mortar used when the building was originally constructed, this keeps the original look of the building and so areas that are not requiring re-pointing don’t look out of place when the new mortar is applied. All the old loose mortar is carefully removed to a specific depth within the brick/stone work of the building, any areas of loose mortar beneath this depth are treated accordingly before the new mortar is applied and the re-pointing process is completed.

Re-pointing not only fixes problems with damp and water ingress it further protects the construction of the building from weathering and can also improve the appearance and final look of the property.

Water Damaged Cornice in Ripon

Water Damaged Cornice in Ripon

Water Damaged Cornice in Ripon

Water Damaged Cornice Repair

Internal cornice decoration in property has been around for thousands of years, these decorative cornice are usually made from plaster and can show off exquisite design, sharp lines and enhance the quality finish to the rooms inside a property.

Cornice is a relatively delicate construction and can be difficult to repair. A1 Damp Proofing can repair any cornice problems by using traditional plastering techniques to rebuild the original shape of the cornice, in cases where the cornice is beyond repair then a mould or section of new cornice is made to an exact match. Upon completion you will not be able to locate where the old cornice ends and the new repaired section starts.

For more information relating to cornice repair please contact us for a free quote/estimate.