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Flood Damage

Flooding within properties can cause major damage and damp problems on a large scale, the flooding may be from rivers, overflowing drains, or burst water pipes and a property that has been standing in a foot of water may take over a year to fully dry out. Even after the property has fully dried out you can be left with the same problems as Penetrating Damp and the efflorescent salts within the walls and plaster work will show as large white areas. There are also the issues of human waste and other contaminants that have been soaked up into the fabric of the property leading to health risks. After flooding of any description remedial work would need to be undertaken to replace all plaster work and any other affected areas.

Flood Damage Remedial Process

It is important to deal with any kind of water ingress due to flooding as quickly as possible, properties that have been left wet or standing in water can cause many more problems and thus creating more expense to resolve the issues.

A1 Damp Proofing Solutions will treat your property with anti-microbial solutions and coverings to reduce any chance of mould spores returning and sprouting. De-humidifiers will be required to reduce the water air content (Humidity) to acceptable levels to also prevent Wet Rot turning to Dry Rot, if this happens Dry Rot will eat away at the timbers and wood within the house thus creating major expense to fix the problem.

Health Risks

Any form of mould can cause serious health risks and problems if left untreated. If a property is flooded you can expect to see mould spores growing within a couple of days, so it is vitally important to fix the flood damage and dry the property as soon as is possible to prevent health risks in the future. Contaminants and human waste from overflowing drains is soaked up into the fabric of the building and so removal or treatment of anything contaminated is essential in protecting the occupants health upon their return and in the future.

A1 Damp Proofing Solutions can provide the full service from the moment you are flooded or have a burst pipe. We can pump out the water, fix broken pipes, remove any damaged possessions, cleaning the house as we go. We can also provide de-humidifiers and sanitise any areas that are required.