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Basement Conversions

Converting your basement is a great way to recover unused space within your property, not only can you add an additional room that provides a fully habitable living space you will also add value to your property making a basement conversion a great investment. Why not create an affordable Gym or Cinema Room that the whole family can use.

Basements and Cellars are usually dark damp areas due to them being the foundations of the property - usually located underground. Damp and moisture can penetrate through the walls or ground of the basement and in some cases will lead to flooding. A1 Damp Proofing Solutions can address these issues and convert your basement into a dry fully watertight living space.

The Conversion Process

A1 Damp Proofing Solutions will carry out a full site survey of your basement, a survey is required to investigate any existing damp problems and provide solutions to remedy any damp or water ingress that could in future cause problems within the new basement conversion. All information obtained from the site survey will allow us to provide a full written quotation for the basement conversion.

To ensure your basement conversion will not provide problems in the future a specialist waterproofing membrane must be installed - this is known as "Tanking". This is a process whereby a waterproof membrane is attached to all walls of the basement, any moisture is then held behind the membrane which drains down into a specially created cavity drainage channel that runs around the perimeter of the basement.

The drainage channels within the basement collect any moisture or water and divert this away from the property to an external drain or collect the water in a basin area that allows a Sump Pump to expel the water into an external drain away from the property. Sump Pumps are commonly used where the level of the basement is below the water table thus having to prevent water ingress from not just the perimeter walls but also from underground. Sump Pumps are automatic and have battery backup so will still operate in the event of power failure.

Upon completion of the appropriate waterproofing process for the basement conversion all walls are dry-lined, insulated and plastered.


Nearly all basement conversions will be used as habitable living spaces, this means ventilation may be required to keep relative humidity to reasonable levels. Ventilation can be provided by a number of sources from simple air bricks to full dehumidifier systems. A1 Damp Proofing Solutions will advise on suitable ventilation systems for your basement conversion.

Additional Light

Natural daylight is not usually commonplace in basements and cellars due to them being located underground. There are two main ways to create additional lighting within basements - electric lighting and enhancement of any existing natural light.

Electric lighting is the most common form of lighting for any basement, down lighters, wall lights and other electrical lighting can be incorporated in the construction and build of the basement conversion.

Natural lighting always has a better quality of light when compared to electrical lighting - if your cellar has an entrance from outside then a large glass door will provide good natural lighting. Light wells and Light Tubes are another good way to provide natural lighting to the basement.

Plumbing & Heating

Additional plumbing for mains water and extensions to heating systems can be incorporated into the basement conversion process. Usually pipework can be extended from upstairs rooms within the property to incorporate additional radiators for heating or water supplies for use in a bathroom or kitchen. A1 Damp Proofing Solutions will advise any alterations required to incorporate additional plumbing.

Cinema room

Audio & Video Systems

Many basement conversions are turned into a cinema room or games room. TV and Audio systems are usually commonplace in these types of rooms and require additional CAT5/CAT6 and other cabling to connect up the separate Audio/Video components, speakers are usually installed within the ceiling or walls along with wall mounted TV systems. All cabling will be installed during the basement conversion process and is fully designed and planned before installation starts.


All basement waterproofing work completed by A1 Damp Proofing Solutions uses specialist products and technology designed specifically for basement conversions. The Newton Membrane Basement Tanking system provided is backed by a 50 Year guarantee. A1 Damp Proofing Solutions are backed by our Approved Contractor Membership and are an Approved Installer of Kingfisher products.