Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Unit installed in Thirsk

Kair Heat Recovery Room Ventilator

Single Room Heat Recovery Units (SRHRU)

The air within our buildings

Modern houses and buildings are built to a considerably higher technical specification than many older buildings and one of the main areas of improvement is insulation and preventing heat loss by constructing the buildings to be more airtight. This is a great advancement as it can lead to much lower energy costs for heating the building as the heated air stays within the building for longer periods of time.

Keeping the heated air in however creates another problem. Our houses and buildings need regular ventilation to keep things in a healthy condition, activities such as cooking, showers, and just general breathing from people can produce large amounts of water in the air. If this moisture is not removed regularly then serious mould and mildew problems will occur.

Continuous airflow within a building or room removes many pollutants from the air such as moisture, allergens, and dust. Good airflow will also reduce the risk of asthma and other breathing related problems.

Maintaining healthy airflow

Maintaining a continuous change of air within a room is a must for healthy living, many old buildings are well ventilated anyway due to their less advanced construction so a lot of the moisture, dust and other pollutants are removed however the heat loss within older buildings is much greater thus leading to considerably higher heating bills.

Opening windows is another way to remove moisture and pollutants from a room, great in summer but not particularly economical in winter – basically your heating your house and the heat created is flowing out of the windows again leading to considerably higher heating bills.

Why use a Single Room Heat Recovery system?

A heat recovery system provides a constant change of airflow without the loss of the heat.

Maintaining a steady “climate” within your house reduces the risks of mould, mildew, and allergies.

A Single Room Heat Recovery system helps keep energy bills as low as possible and keeps the air within the room fresh, clean, and healthy.

How it works

The ventilation system basically consists of 2 x air ducts built into the Heat Recovery System. One air duct carries cool fresh air into the building while the other duct carries the stale moist air out of the building.

Within these 2 x streams of air is a heat exchanger that cleverly recovers the heat from the air passing out of the building and mixes the recovered heat with the air flowing into the building. The 2 x streams of air do not mix due to the intelligent design of the heat exchanger and so the clean air coming into the building is warm and fresh.

Control of the system

The heat recovery system is electrically controlled by a humidity sensor that can be set to a specific level, the sensor monitors the environment within the building so that a continuous trickle of air is constantly flowing, the system can automatically detect if humidity levels increase and will increase the air flow to compensate.

Manual control is also available in case there is the need to boost airflow considerably to remove moisture and airborne pollutants.


A1 Damp Proofing solutions will install and configure the Heat Recovery System for maximum efficiency. The system involves a core drilled hole through the wall of the building through which the Heat Recovery System is installed, the width of the wall can be anything up to 1 Metre.

The Heat Recovery System can be installed in areas of increased moisture such as bathrooms. All units are IP57 rated and run on low voltage motors for low running costs and quiet efficient airflow.

Care and Maintenance

The Heat Recovery System includes filters to remove airborne deposits and to prevent insects and dust from entering the building. These filers can be removed, washed, and replaced and this should be done on a regular basis